As part of the final work for a student-led tutorial, we would like to organize and lead a building workshop this coming spring that would result in the creation of a small timber frame structure located within the recently allocated student garden plot in the field beyond the Ohio parking lot.

The building workshop would be the culmination of work done by the Leading Change tutorial group, a class in which we are investigating space use on campus for the purpose of contemplation, refuge, and reverence as well as other related programming.

Given the nature of the day-to-day college experience, life for students on campus can range from excited and creative, to stressful and frenetic. We are encouraged to reflect deeply on our academic lives through the Plan process, but contemplation and retreat in our personal lives is often eclipsed. We are hoping that our contemplative space project will enrich conversation and raise awareness concerning the role of religious/spiritual/contemplative life on campus and that it will offer a tangible symbol of community collectivity around these themes.  We have also planned a Contemplative Speaker Series that will feature four diverse speakers who will be speaking on contemplative practice within their traditions. We are particularly interested in adding to the available resources and support systems for students on campus interested engaging in a dialogue on these themes. Our building workshop – and the resulting structure – would be another important resource and a community-developed space for contemplation and reverence.


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