Sukkah Visit and Some Craziness of a Certain Kind

Sukkah in Bennington, VT

Last weekend our group took a field trip to visit the Sukkah behind the Bennington Museum. We have been looking at Sukkahs as a design inspiration for the project and have been particularly interested in the timber frame approach. We spent a bit of time walking around the structure, seeing what feelings it evoked and how it related to the surrounding space.

After visiting the sukkah, our group decided to take a ‘Polar Plunge’ at the Tubs on Mt. Anthony Rd, a waterfall in North Pownal, VT. After exploring the pools, we- Emma, Rachel, Sam and Glennis- all stripped down to bathing suits and climbed up the frigid, snowy, slope. One by one, we then jumped into the freezing water below. The water is about six or seven feet deep and so we were all fully submerged before running back to our towels.

Exploring near the Tubs, North Pownal, VT

The water was quite the wake up call. I, (Glennis) felt exhilarated and, of course, cold! The water wasn’t as frigid as I thought it would be, but I was not prepared for just how cold my bare feet would get in the snow. A thrilling introduction to the spring time and to our work together as a group!

While climbing, (more like slipping), up to the ledge where we jumped, I felt myself second guessing this decision. Then as my feet froze in the snow at the

The Tubs, where we made our plunge.

top waiting to jump, the sheer insanity really began to set in.  But thankfully, Sam jumped and we all followed after.

As we were walking around before the plunge my mind would not let go of a line from my very favorite poet, Mary Oliver, from her poem, Evidence. I feel like it fits perfectly with my thoughts and feelings about the plunge.

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”

Frozen Toes

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