Thinking Small, Yestermorrow Meditation Hut

I found a great, smaller-scale project this week done by Aaron Westgate, a former Yestermorrow intern. Aaron built a small meditation hut during his time at the school in 2005. Below is the link to the Yestermorrow blog where there are more images of the project and some words from the builder:

Yestermorrow Meditation Hut

“I’m fascinated by the idea of architecture-for-enlightenment- the concept of designing spaces that facilitate personal peace so that we may engage in the world with more awareness and compassion.”- Aaron Westgate

I am interested in exploring what a smaller space or installation design might offer for our project, especially in light of our building constraints. While a smaller structure would not work as well for a group gatherings, it could support individuals in search of a refuge space or a place for personal contemplative, religious/ spiritual practices.

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